Hi, I'm Sarah Curnoles.

I believe there is a better way to go through life.

I had a life that was just fine. I worked in theater with people I respected and they respected me and my talents. I loved my friends and my social life of going out on weekends dancing and having a great time. I traveled solo across the United States and Europe. But I remember the exact moment when I felt like there was more to life and I was making things too hard on myself.

Here’s the honest truth about who I used to be. I have been my harshest critic, over-analyzing everything and second guessing my choices and options. I have old patterns of over-analyzing, over-achieving, people-pleasing and working without boundaries. I am still a recovering codependent.

I realized I wanted more. More for my life and my future. And to do that I had to make some changes.

As a Martha Beck trained life coach, I’ve worked with men and women to transform the way they approach life. Some have found their dream career. Some had the courage to get off dating apps. Some of them were able to navigate change with more grace. I work together with my clients to uncover what is blocking them, help them create a plan of action, and hold them accountable along the way.

My personal mission is to up level my self- love, and, in doing so, give you permission to do the same.


What clients are saying...

I knew I wasn’t getting much of anywhere trying to navigate the waters of online dating on my own. I knew I needed help exploring how and why I show up the way I do in relationships, how to go on fewer bad dates and get over the dread of the whole time-consuming process in general.

Sarah is the real deal and if you’re at all frustrated, fed up, or feeing stuck with the way things are going in your relationship or dating life, book a session with Sarah... I promise you, it will be worth it!!

And, Sarah, thank you for helping me do the work and get back out there.
— Emily Flemming
Admittedly, I expected Sarah to tell me what to do, like a fortune teller or a magic eight-ball. What I got instead was so much more meaningful: a deeper understanding of how to actively and expertly assess my own life and happiness.
— Caitlin C.
Working with Sarah was incredibly cathartic and very helpful. In a very short period of time we were able to uncover some of the ways in which I get in my own way and she helped me find how to fix that. I left our sessions feeling inspired, and somehow lighter. After working with Sarah, I felt more confident in my decisions in business and my relationship.
— Katie C.
She has a way of making you feel totally comfortable being vulnerable. I walked away from each session feeling lighter, motivated, and more confident in myself.