Get the Date

An audio course to help men and women have a more satisfying dating life and find the relationship they are craving.

This audio course is for you if:

  • You’re tired of swiping, blowing money on bad dates and bad apps, and wasting time on passionless people

  • You know you should like the nice guy/girl but you’re really attracted to the bad ones. (they’re just so much fun!)

  • You love your job and your friends, but what you really want is to share your life with someone

In this downloadable audio course, you will receive all of the following lessons for you to complete at your own pace:

  • Discover your romantic blocks that prevent you from finding love

  • Scripts and sample profiles to maximize online dating so you get better dates

  • How and where to meet people NOT on dating apps (yes, it still happens. I’ll teach you how.)

  • How to flirt and have better conversations to get into someone’s heart and soul

And I’m just scraping the surface. I’m putting my best information into this course because I really want you to have the love that you want. I believe we are better when we’re in partnership. We show up more bravely at work and make a bigger impact. We shine brightly and are kinder to others. A happy love life makes a happy life.

But the course isn’t ready quite yet.
By signing up for the waitlist, I will give you the opportunity to influence what I teach! I will reach out to ask you exactly what you want to learn and incorporate that into the course. YOU get a say if you join the waitlist and you will get your questions answered.

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