A Bit About Doubt and Manifesting

I got curious and started studying manifestation a few months ago, and I’m seeing a pattern that I want to share.
When we are in doubt, we are robbing ourselves the opportunity to have what we want. One of my manifestation mentors Denise Duffield Thomas tells this story that I’m going to paraphrase.
She was driving with her husband. Denise runs a million-dollar business, but with that comes plenty of expenses. Of course, she has her house to pay for, her kids, and bills. But she also has payroll, services, contractors, events, and so forth that she has to pay for. She was in a moment thinking “I don’t have enough. There isn’t going to be enough.”
She was doubting. She wasn’t sure she was going to have enough to pay her expenses. 
Maybe that blows your mind that someone could have a million-dollar business and not be able to have enough money. Maybe it surprises you that someone who teaches manifestation for a living would have a moment of doubt and worry about not enough. And maybe you’re looking at it very logically that if there isn’t enough money, there simply isn’t enough money and there isn’t going to be any more. 
But her husband, who knew her well, caught her doubt. He said “That doesn’t really sound like you. You always say there’s always more.” Denise shook herself out of the moment and said, “Yeah, you’re right. There’s always more money.”
And right then a wad of 50 Australian dollar notes smacked her car and blew all over the road. She said it was probably 1,000 dollars’ worth. And she and her husband burst out laughing.
I can’t make this up. And if she made it up, I don’t really care because I think it illustrates a point. 
When we are doubting, we can’t see opportunity. Roads close down and we wind up in a very laser focus perspective. And usually that perspective is not pointing in a direction that will help us. 
I want you to know there is always hope. 
No matter what you’re facing. There is always more love. There is always more money. There is always more opportunity. There is always more creativity and joy. 
When you are completely full of love, what’s at the core of that is hope. That feeling you have after a really great date is hope. That feeling of falling in love and being in love is actually hope. When you nail the presentation, get the promotion, book the travel you are feeling hope. 

What if we did that more? Instead of worrying and getting stuck in doubt and not enough thoughts, what if we leaned into hope? What might shift and open up for you?
Let’s change the game. Throw away the old ways. When you catch yourself worrying, you found something you really care about! You can celebrate that you found something that is worth your time, attention and energy. You’re worrying you won’t get what you want, but we know that doesn't work. It's time to bring in the big guns, it's time for hope. I challenge you to switch your thinking to loving, rejoicing and knowing that it is on it’s way to you. How can you spark that hope inside of you?
It’s not working the old way, so I challenge you to try something new. It feels so much better, I promise you.
Now it’s your turn. Have you shifted your perspective? And if you did, what happened? What’s new for you just by catching yourself in worry-mode and shifting into hope? 
I want to hear from you! Hit reply and tell me your story.  Share in the comments below!


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