Are You Betting on "One Day"?

There is something that you want.

Maybe you want to find your romantic life partner. Maybe you’re with that person but want more sex (or more space). Maybe you want to pursue your passion for creating the cutest crocheted kitchen caddies. Whatever it is. 

I see it in you. You want something.

And yet, you’re not going for it. Why not?

  • You’re afraid of being disappointed.

  • You’re afraid it will end up broken-hearted.

  • You’re afraid it won’t be as great as you think, or worse, it will be better than you think. And if that’s the case, why did you wait so long to get it??

  • You’re worried you’ll ge tit and then you’ll lose it.

So many fears. I have heard them all (and had many of them myself). And those fears feel so real, so we push back going after what we want and say we will do it one day. 

One day I will tell that person how much I care. One day I will join that club. One day I will travel. One day I will lose the weight and start dating. One day I will have enough money to pursue the career I really want. One day I will put myself out there and really do the damn thing. 

I have some hard truth for you. There is no such thing as “one day.”

“‘One day’ is the most dangerous bet of your life.” - Matthew Hussey

When we wait for one day to do the things, we never do the things. There is no “one day” on a calendar and there is no way of knowing when that has arrived. In our brain, it feels specific and actionable. 

It allows our fear to win. Because as long as you are saying “one day” you never have to say “today.”  The “one day” bet will almost always lose because it lets you delay the most important part of the process of getting what you want. First comes identifying what you want, then comes taking aligned action to get it. 

If you are saying “one day” you never have to get uncomfortable and take action. 

What if I told you to take one small step towards what you want? Take one step so small that maybe it feels like you’re almost not doing anything at all. 

If you want to meet your long term partner, maybe you start by just saying hello to someone. Anyone! It doesn’t have to be someone you’re attracted to. 

If you want to lose weight, start by just putting your gym clothes on and driving to the gym. You don’t have to even go in. Start by just driving there. 

Whatever you want, identify one tiny step in the direction of getting what you want. Take a step so small that you don’t have resistance to it. When you take one step and keep it really easy, you can let go of the fear that this is going to be really hard. That you’re not going to be able to do it. If you take one small step, those fears are no longer true. 

For most people, one day never comes. Don’t be most people. Be the person that gets what you want. 

Because you deserve it.