Dealing With Your Inner Bitch

Some call the mean inner voice the Inner Critic. But my recent encounter with this inner voice was nothing short of a Bitch. So, I'm calling it like it is.

We all have a mean inner voice. It’s a really nasty voice in your head saying things you would never dare say out loud to anyone. 

Things like “You suck. You’re fat and no one likes you.” “Give up now. Who would listen to you anyway?” “That Guy you like can do soooo much better than you. He’s so out of your league. Just move on. Forget it.” “You’ll never be good enough to have what you want. Why even try?”

Yeahhhhh... it’s nasty. It feels gross. It’s demoralizing. 

It makes me feel teeny tiny. Like, why am I even taking up space on this planet kind of tiny. 

My Inner Bitch has been really loud the last few weeks. I don’t know what turned up her volume, but, MAN, she has been screaming in my ear. 

I was on a date in a beautiful local garden with my boyfriend when that Inner Bitch got really pushy. Pushing all my buttons and deep-seated insecurities.

The louder she got, the worse I felt and I started shrinking. My shoulders rounded and I made my body smaller. I got really quiet and up in my head. It was drastic enough that my guy asked if I was ok? “Yeah I’m good!” I lied with a fake smile plastered on my face. I thought that the Inner Bitch would just go away.

But she kept pushing. And I had to take a time out because I could see it was sabotaging a really nice afternoon. 

I took a minute alone in my car and I had a heart to heart with that meanie. “Listen, this isn’t how we do things here. This isn’t how we talk to people. We speak kindness to each other. I know you're trying to protect me, but this isn't helping. You can either get on board with me or you can leave."

I swear to you, I had to repeat that in my head 5 times before it sunk in. But it did. 

Her volume got turned way, way down. And everything shifted. As I walked from my car to the front door where my man waited to greet me, I left a genuine big smile come across my face and I felt like I bounced down the street. 

The rest of the night was a romantic dream. No lie. 

Instead of being mean to myself and letting it crush how I was feeling, I could really focus on the moment and be present. Not in my head. But in my heart.

I could feel kindness and love coming from me. 

Because that's how we treat people around here.

Have you had a recent interaction with your Inner Bitch? Tell me about hit. Hit reply and tell me about what she says to you, and how do you choose to respond? Do you stand up to her or maybe you don't know how to talk to her yet. 


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