Lessons From The Horses: Part One

Work smarter not harder 


I'll admit it. I am often so anxious to get started and complete my tasks that I don't always work in the smartest or most efficient ways. I see what the end goal is, and I just start taking steps to get there.


But sometimes my way of getting to my end goal might involve walking or crawling when I could just take the bus.


One of the first assignments I got here on the farm was to feed the horses breakfast. I was shown how to do it once, I helped do it with someone once and then I was on my own. I just did the best I could and paid attention to the horses for signals if I did it right.


When I showed some hesitancy, one of my hosts decided to go with me. He watched as I started to move the hay around and noticed I did it by hand. He taught me to use the fork so I didn't have to bend over quite so much. He advised it was always better to take care of my back.


I told him it was the idea to "work smarter not harder." And he said "Exactly! Use the tools you have."


I now chant "work smarter not harder" as I do my chores. It keeps me focused so that I don't get casual and sloppy. I try to stay aware and in the moment to avoid getting casual and careless. I'm constantly looking for better ways to do things. Is there an easier way?


That works on so many levels. What tools do you have that you're not using? What tools do you need to do your work easier? Could there be an easier way to do things in your life?


Soeaking of tools and easier ways, I traveled only with my iPad for this trip. It was light and multi-purposed. Because of that I am having trouble putting pictures in these posts. If anyone hasn't tips, please let me know. Otherwise I will keep trying and hopefully will figure it out soon!