Meet My New She-ro (aka Female Hero)

I just finished co-hosting my first women's empowerment summit this past Sunday. And I am blown away. I feel like I grew so much while planning this, promoting it and then when I was onstage speaking. It was an honor to be in a room full of women interested in growing and connecting. 

Today I want to celebrate some women I met recently. I've learned that everyone you meet is either a mirror or a teacher. This couldn't be more true of the women I've met and interacted with recently. 

A person might be in your life to teach you something. Perhaps they are farther down a certain path that you want to learn and grow into. They have a perspective and a set of experiences that is different from yours. When you look at your interactions with someone with the eye that there may be something to learn, you open yourself up to a new level of connection. And deeper compassion.

A person may also be mirroring something back to you. There is an old saying that goes "If you spot it you got it." And this works for positive and negative traits that you notice about someone else. When you compliment someone, take a moment to reflect that you notice that great quality because you also have that in yourself. And when someone stirs up your anger, sadness, and frustration take a moment to reflect on what your part in the interaction is. Is it showing you parts of yourself that perhaps you are trying to hide because of shame? Or is it showing you a boundary that's been crossed? 

When you experience the more negative emotions it's an opportunity to reflect on what you don't want in your life. 

And now, on to an inspiring woman that I recently met. 

I heard Heidi Klotzman speak at Crust and Cocktails hosted by Amanda Mack and Chef Cat. The purpose of the event? To encourage people to show up representing their business authentically without the pressure to look and act a certain way.

Heidi spoke with passion, intelligence, humility and honesty. If you don’t know her, she runs HeidnSeek Entertainment, and has her hands in all kinds of events and music around Baltimore.

I furiously typed notes on my phone and here are the highlights of what I grabbed:

  • Choose inclusivity. Always.

  • Use the popularity of larger acts to get the smaller and “riskier” people gigs.

  • People are now inundated with invitations and messages, don’t be afraid to invite and offer over and over again.

  • “Cute girl privilege” is real. Use it to your advantage even when people try to use it to hold you down. (a full blog post on this is coming soon!)

  • Be around people making things happen, the ones that see what’s missing and then go make it.

  • Exclusivity also works to create hype, but only if your vibe is to include all kinds of people. Your filter is: Are they a good person? Are they good to others? How are they helping?

  • Create the weirdest melting pot of cool people.

Heidi brings people together. She’s been doing it her whole life. She has a real gift for seeing people and shining her light brightly and helping others to see in the dark.

I have a new shero.

I'm not sure if Heidi is a mirror or a teacher for me, perhaps she's both! 

What person in your life has inspired you recently? What about that person inspires you? I encourage you to hit reply and tell me. And THEN reflect on how that is showing up in you.

Because if I know anything about my readers, I know that you are AWESOME. And you are inspiring, too. :) <3

There is something to learn from everyone we meet. 


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