Read This When You're Feeling Broken

Does it feel like you've been beaten down by the world? Like you've taken on way too much, and you're exhausted and can't take any more?

Maybe things never seem to go right, other people have it so much easier, or it would just be easier if you didn’t have to deal with that pain from your past, your depression, your particular family issues, etc.

When we refer to being broken, it seems hopeless. It’s a weighty word, with a heaviness that seems like something must be fixed. And fixing means there is a right way and a wrong way to do it, it involves focused effort and hard work. Broken implies you’re a victim to your circumstances, that you’re broken because of all the reason and you can’t fix it.

I do not believe human beings are ever broken. Even those of us that suffer or had incredibly traumatic experiences. Not one of us is broken.

I was listening to an interview with Colleen Saidman Yee, yogi, former model and author of Yoga for Life. She first heard the phrase “you are enough” in a song while writing her book. At once, she felt seen and someone finally understood her struggle.

Colleen Saidman Yee has touched thousands of lives through teaching yoga. And yet, in her younger years she struggled with drug addictions and worthiness issues when she was in the modeling agency. How could someone that overcame those challenges and built an incredible new life ever feel like she’s not enough?

And yet, it’s the human condition to feel like we’re not enough. We compare ourselves to others and think we couldn’t possibly stack up.

We look at our past failures and we think that they have created a brokenness inside of us, and therefore we are no longer worthy of love, grace, and forgiveness. It may seem like the places where we are broken will never be healed, that we will never be whole again.

This is incorrect. No one is broken. You are always whole.

However we all carry wounds.

A wound is a place where you’ve been hurt and have not healed. Wounds are normal, it’s a reaction. Pain is normal. And so is healing. Healing happens naturally, over time, with care and sometimes focused help. Healing happens if we allow it.

Healing your wounds takes a bit of self-compassion, and some time. And sometimes we can do the work solo and sometimes we need a guide to help process through it. Here’s a guide to help you know which is which.

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You are never broken. You might be wounded, and that’s ok. Wounds can heal. Wounds point to your opportunities for growth and leveling up to your next transformation to be your best you.


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