Why All That Pressure?

Have you found yourself feeling really nervous before a date? Stressing out about wearing the perfect outfit, asking the right questions, and acting the right way? 

I think we've all been there. Those pre-date jitters. On one level, they are fun and exciting but on another level they are terrifying. But what are those jitters really about? 

If we take a step back and look at why we're feeling nervous, we realize we are feeling that way because we have an expectation. We are putting a lot of pressure on this one interaction because we are worried it's our only chance at a life-long happy partnership.

When I say it like that it looks pretty silly, right? All this expectation and pressure on just one interaction? Seems ridiculous but we do it ALL the time. 

It's the subject of today's video, and I encourage you to check it out here.

As a side note, I was preparing the email for this week and I realized how strongly this topic parallels to so many other areas of our lives where we create unnecessary pressure. We're trying to make a diamond, when what we really want is a snowflake. Even if you're not dating, I encourage you to watch the video because there might be something useful for you, too. 

Look, I know it can be tough out there in the dating world. it feels like it takes forever to find a somewhat decent guy to actually spend time with on a Thursday night (let alone a guy that's worthy of a weekend date). And then, when we finally get to the date, it seems like a big let down.

I want to help make dating a bit easier for you. That's why I'm doing a free webinar, Why It's Hard to Get a Guy (And What You Can Do About It) tomorrow March 14 at 1pm Eastern Time. 

I'm going to be addressing some of today's issues that are making it harder now to find a guy, plus I'm going to be offering some guidance to shift how women approach the dating landscape to make it so much easier. Everything I teach has been tested and honed by yours truly, and I can't wait to share it! 

You can sign up to attend the free webinar here: https://sarahcurnoles.lpages.co/why-its-hard-webinar

I hope you will join me tomorrow! (and even if you can't be there live, I will be sending a recording afterwards)