Use the Good Lotion

I recently attended a retreat in Savannah with my coach Susan Hyatt. My coach loves creating luxurious experiences for her clients. When I arrived at the retreat, I received fresh flowers next to my bed and a gift bag of wonderful skin care products. My favorite was this amazing lotion.
I loved everything about it. It was a natural product and it smelled great. Plus it was lush and immediately soaked into my skin. Luxurious, for sure.
I used it just on the first night, and carefully packed it away to take home. I got home and displayed it in a place where I could see it every day. And there it sat. Waiting for the perfect occasion.
I was waiting for a special fancy night out where I would take a hot bath and then rub this into my skin so I would feel luxurious as I got ready for my fancy night. I wanted to wait for a time I wanted to be completely glam. 
I was looking at this beautiful jar of lotion in the bathroom and realized I don’t live a life full of fancy nights. I like coziness. And I completely forgot to use the good lotion recently on Valentine's Day for my hot date. If I keep waiting for the perfect occasion, that nice lotion will probably never be used.
What a waste.
What even makes something worthy of this kind of nice lotion? How fancy is the right amount of fancy? How will I know when I’ve met my own self-imposed criteria for a nice occasion? It was so ambiguous. 
Why can’t I feel luxury every day? What is stopping me?
The answer that came back surprised me.
I told myself, “I’m not good enough for that yet.” 
And, bam, I busted it open. I immediately saw that this negative thought wasn't true and it was sabotaging me and my own personal success. Those subconscious thoughts sometimes sneak up on us and when get to dig them up and do the work on making them align with what we want. 

 I am still a work in progress. I still have negative thoughts and sabotaging patterns. I still get to hire a coach and do the deep work. It's all a part of the journey of becoming the best version of me.

Your turn. What's your version of the good lotion? What's that thing you're holding onto until it's the perfect occasion? Comment below and tell me about your story. 


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