Do You Believe in Magic?

I was in Scotland with my family, and we booked a bus tour to the Isle of Skye. The natural beauty is stunning, and it’s everywhere. Like most bus tours, we had a set itinerary with scheduled stops where we could get off the bus and take photos.
The day was a typical Scottish fall day. It was quite chilly and drizzly, which made it impossible to get completely warm because you felt constant dampness in the air and on your clothes. We made a stop at Kiltrock, which required a short hike from the bus. As my family and I trudged along, I was suddenly stopped. A man with a French accent told me I was beautiful and insisted on a selfie. I thought I misheard him and made him repeat himself.
I couldn’t stop giggling. Sure, it was cheesy. But it also felt fun. And it’s even better with a French accent. His name was Nicholas. His friends were laughing at him, but I didn’t care. We chatted briefly, and he asked to see me later. We tried to coordinate schedules, but our itineraries were set and they just didn't line up. I would be in Inverness when he stayed on Skye. I would be leaving Edinburgh for home on the day he arrived in Edinburgh. We had to part ways without any more than this selfie (below) and his kiss on my hand.
What could have happened? In the movie version of my life, Nicholas and I would meet up in a pub, stay up talking all night, and decide that we needed to be in each other’s lives. But I'm not living in a romantic comedy, and I'm not Meg Ryan. There will always be the question of "what if" that lingers in the back of my head.
What if I had been travelling solo, which is usually how I prefer to travel for this very reason. What if we actually got to know each other? At least then I would know if he was a complete jerk, which is likely since normal random strangers don’t stop other strangers simply because they are beautiful. What if he hadn’t stopped me at all?
For Type A people like myself, we tend to overschedule our lives because having a sense of control makes us feel comfortable. If it’s scheduled, we know what to expect. We know where to be (and who to be because we know what’s expected of us). The problem with overscheduling is that there is no room for magic to come in.
There is also an element of wanting to live in the fantasy of "what if" because it's safer. No need to risk getting hurt and heartbroken. No need to be disappointed. 

Often what the universe has in store for us is far beyond what we can conceive for ourselves. And yes, sometimes that involves heartbreak. But when the heart breaks, it heals. And the spot where it heals will be stronger than it was before.
But it will never get to show you if you don’t leave some wiggle room and loosen your grip a little bit.
Brene Brown said “The universe is not short on wake-up calls. We’re just quick to hit the snooze button.” If you’re looking for a wake up call, this is it. Let go a little bit more today and move a little more in the flow. Where can you relax and take your hands off the steering wheel? Where can you let some magic enter into your life?

Real life is so much better than fantasies of what if. It is just as magical and unexpected, if you give it the chance to show you. 
I encourage you to share this blog with someone who might also need a little wake-up call as well, someone that needs to see there is magic in possibility.