You Don't Have to Do Anything

I felt inspired to share the following metaphor with you.

Imagine that you are a beautiful glass vase. There is a pitcher of water pouring into you. In the water contains all the things you need to live the life you want- Joy. Love. Belonging. Enthusiasm. It is an endless flow, and it will continue to pour for infinity.

Most people I know have this flow coming into their lives and they feel that they have to share it with everyone. "I gotta give the love to my family." "I gotta share this with my partner." "I gotta spread this to work projects." They keep tipping over their vase so they can spill the flow and spread it around.

It's a bit messy. Water is spilling, but people are getting access to it. Maybe not the most efficient way all the time, but they are getting it.

What do you think happens to a glass vase that keeps tipping over?

It breaks.

But what if you stood straight up, tall and proud of your own beauty, and allowed that flow of watery goodness to pour into you? An endless stream of goodness will fill you up and eventually you will overflow. And all that goodness is going to go everywhere. It’s going to spread to all those people that you care about.

All because you filled yourself up with goodness and you had more than enough to go around.

How are you taking care of yourself?

Where are you tipping over? And, more importantly, why?

I wanted to give you a way to tap into your own flow self love so you can feel yourself being filled up. That endless flow of goodness actually is available to you. It is so much easier to tap into than you might think. 

I recorded a meditation for you. If you're new to meditation or hesitant, that's ok. You just have to sit and listen to my voice talk to you. 

It's my gift to you and you can download it here. 

After you listen to the meditation, what comes up for you? Comment belowand share with me. I would love to hear from you. 

Sending love to you today.