Your Future Self Wants You to Read This

Here's a message from the future.

I was working with a client this week and we were talking about her current place in life versus where she wanted to be. It was frustrating because it didn’t seem like she would ever get to her dream career as the head of her own company as long as she was working in a such a low ranking sales role. She said dejectedly, “I know this is temporary and just a part of the game. I know it’s not forever.” 

What I heard was someone that was beaten down, uninspired. Someone that lost sight of how important right now is.

I guided her in an exercise to clarify her future. Who will she have to become in order to be the type of woman that is running her own company? How does that woman carry herself? How does she make decisions? What are her priorities? 

We got really clear about her #futurebossbabe self, and I could hear the excitement return to her voice. 

Her homework assignment was to find ways to connect with that future self on a regular basis. When she has to make a decision, ask her future self how to handle it. When she gets ready for work and prepares for her day, how would she go about things differently if she was already the CEO? 

I hope these last few weeks have helped you start to look at what you really want in your life and start asking important questions. As the vision for your future becomes clear, how do you see yourself in it? Who do you want to be? Or, asked another way, who do you have to become to get the life that you want?

It could be that you want to retire at 50 and move to the beach…

Maybe you want to be happily married to the love of your life…

Maybe you want to be rich, powerful and travel the world!

It doesn’t matter what you want. You can fill in the blank with anything. But what comes next is important.

Who do I have to be to get what I want? 

And HERE is the key: The sooner you align who you are right now with who you want to be in the future, the faster you will have what you want.

Read that again, and take your time with it so it can sink in. 

When you start acting like your future boss babe, you suddenly start making other choices. Your circumstance and surroundings might not change (well, not immediately), but you change how you see it and how you act. You cut things out that don't align with you. You don't have time for petty small stuff and you take care of yourself and protect your energy for the things that are important. 

I’ve been talking a lot about love lately. It applies here too. Who do you have to be to be worthy of the person you want to fall in love with?

A lot of people I know have a list of what they want in a partner. I know I do. When I reflect on this list and then I look at myself I ask if I am the type of person that would attract such a person. If I want someone who is healthy, am I prioritizing my own health and taking care of myself? I want someone who is kind and generous so am I willing to also be kind and receive generosity.

I encourage you to do the same today. What do you want? Make a list. In your imagination, fast forward in time to the version of you that already has that thing and describe who that person is. And here is the really important part: How do you feel as that future version of you? Pay close attention, because the feeling is really what you’re going after. It’s what you really want deep down.

This is such a fun exercise that I love doing with my clients. When you do it for yourself, please tell me about your experience! Comment below and tell me all about your vision. 

Make it a great day for time-traveling.

With love,

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