You deserve love.

I can guide you there.

No matter what your past is, you are worthy of the healthy, loving relationship you desire. If you’re craving more personal attention and guidance tailored just to you and your situation, you’re in the right place. You’ve been doing the work for the last 10 weeks and now you are ready to take the steps to see RESULTS while being guided by someone who has been in your shoes. It’s time to feel real love.

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Everything changed after I graduated RLR.

I was ready to make a big change after my last relationship, but I didn’t know how. My last relationship was with a man that lied to me about everything from being faithful to me as well as his drug and alcohol abuse. I thought I was building something with him, but that was so far from the truth that it only existed in my imagination. I was heartbroken, mostly because I realized I had been investing my love, time and energy in a relationship that was so completely wrong for me.

Through RLR and some serious work with my life coaches, I made myself a priority. I started dating, AND having fun while doing it. I was setting my standards and I refused to settle. I really knew my worth.

And then it happened. I started dating a man who cherished me and celebrated me exactly as I am. We had a deep connection on so many levels. With each date, it became more and more clear that this person was made just for me. Aaron is the love of my life and my partner.

I no longer had to prove my worth. I didn’t have to earn anything. I didn’t have to handle all his problems, do things his way, or be stood up on date nights.

After doing my work with Terri, I show up differently in my relationship and my business. Things flow much more easily. There is more love in my life. Not only am I giving much more love to myself, I am also receiving more from those around me.

I now have a strong group of friends that I am connected with, and I feel safe sharing with them the way I shared with my RLR sisters. I didn’t have that before. And I quickly recognize and recategorize friendships that don’t fit. I also found work that deeply matters to me, and I have impact on people’s lives. I can’t believe I get to show up and share my gifts with people while helping them change their lives for the better. I feel lucky every day!

Advice Doesn’t Work

At this point we know that the one size fits all dating advice in magazines, blogs, and YouTube videos is well-intentioned but IT DOESN’T WORK. You don’t need tips, strategies, and rules. You need to know what you want, and what your core gifts are in romantic relationships. Bringing this forward is shining your light so you can attract real, deep love.

It is also what helps you stay deeply in love and partnership with your chosen person. Only by investing in yourself and showering yourself in love can we have the deep loving connections that we are longing to have.

When I coach RLR graduates, I help you find the confidence to take the steps forward. We co-create a plan for you to get the life and love that you want. Take the healing and self-love that you have been working on for the last 10 weeks, and let’s build a future on that solid foundation.

Are you ready for real love in your life?


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Book a free Discovery session

Want to see if coaching is a fit for you? You can have a free discovery session as my gift to you to make sure we are a match for each other.

Coaching is a commitment. Here’s what it’s like to work with me. I work with private one on one clients for three months at a time. Coaching sessions are done by phone so you can be in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We have three coaching sessions each month, where we work to progress you towards your goals. Each week you receive homework to help you progress in the time between sessions. And you will be able to email me and get answers any time.

I am extremely proud to be a member of Team TC and a Terri Cole endorsed coach. With Terri as my mentor, I offer coaching and support to RLR graduates looking for a guide to find a love connection with your ideal partner. The work I do works in tandem with the work you have done with RLR. 

Ready to take a step forward? Book your Discovery Session right now.