Monthly Webinar to Help you Meet More People !

If you’re like most single people I meet, you want to know the secret to success in dating, right? Your town is too small and there is no one new to meet. You don’t meet new people as adults… I’ve heard ALL the excuses and I’m calling bullshit.

I used to have a whole roster of excuses about why I kept going back my ex and why I was still single. And finally I got sick of the excuses and I decided to change. I took FIVE different courses to change how I interacted with men. You don’t have to because I’m bringing it all to you each and every month on a FREE webinar.

You’ll learn:

  • WHERE to meet more people

  • WHAT to say to them

  • HOW to have the confidence to follow through

    Join me on the SECOND Wednesday every month for How to Date Without Using the Apps. Sign up to receive your invite below:

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