Ways to Work With Me

As a coach, I want you to have passion and love in your life.

One on One Private Coaching

Are you unhappy in love? Does dating suck for you? Let me be the first to tell you that there is a better way. I help men and women have more success in dating and relating so they can find their partner. By combining coaching with practical skills for dating, I help you get exactly the relationship you want.

Coaching is a commitment, because both you and I will be working towards creating the changes needed to make your life great. Change doesn’t happen overnight and I want to give you the best tools and support in order to do that. I work with people on a 3 month contract for private one on one coaching calls. Three months of coaching is an investment of $1,200 or three payments of $400.

If you’re interested in exploring if coaching is right for you, book your Free 60 Minute Discovery Call right now. In that call we will:

  • Uncover what has blocked happiness in the past

  • Clarify your heart’s true desire in life

  • Create an action plan of how to get exactly what you want

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Next Level Love

The 6 month program for the woman who is ready to fall in love with her forever person.

If you’ve been struggling with dating and having a hard time finding your Partner in Crime, look no further than Next Level Love.

In 6 months, you will work closely with Sarah and 19 other women as you evolve your communication skills, your dating and relationship skills and your relationship with yourself.

Each month will focus on increasing your skills and awareness in key areas of dating and relationships so that you are the best you can be for your future partner. Plus, get individual and group coaching with Sarah so that your struggles stop holding you back from what you really want.



Join my Free Facebook Group

Are you a woman who wants a community to feel empowered and connected? I got you! I have a free Facebook group where I post tips, Live videos, and inspiration here on the regular. Get insights from me and ask me anything you want. This space is especially to address your frustrations, celebrate your wins and help guide you to shift your insights. Join me!



She found the love of her life, and so can you:

You need to know that my conversation with you is what made this guy happen. He doesn’t necessarily look like the man I thought I would fall in love with, but he has the most amazing heart. I have fallen in love with him, after a very long time of wondering if I was capable of loving.I needed to voice what it was I was looking for, and what I needed for myself, and you gave me a platform to do that. Thanks for your questions and for what you’re doing.
— B.C.

She Found Clarity and Peace:

I just wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the past couple of years, learning to reframe my thoughts and think about things in a different light.
— Kimmy

Your best life is waiting.

Discover what has been blocking you from the happiness you crave, get clarity, and a plan of action. I do all this FOR FREE in your private Discovery Call. Book your Free 60 minute Discovery Call now.