Jealousy is up for interpretation

A preface to all my readers: I know that a number of you are happily partnered. The next few weeks are going to be about dating, so it might seem like it doesn’t apply to you. I encourage you to keep reading with a curious mind, because these concepts are useful in other parts of your life. Still with me? Onward.
I used to live a personal reoccurring nightmare at these free outdoor concert in Baltimore. Everywhere I looked I could only see couples. Every single cute man was already taken.
I would stand in line, and the couple in front of me would be holding hands and sharing giddy excitement. I would go get a beer and look to my right to see a couple cozying up to each other thinking no one else would notice. And then when the music would start, happy couples would sing lyrics to each other or sway together with the rhythm of the music.
Dammit. Were there no single men that enjoyed live music?! What was the deal??
I remember one time I felt like I had enough. I started walking towards the exit when I watched a drunk woman and her friend trying to “talk” their way into VIP. I paused to watch with amusement and noticed another guy and his friend doing the same thing. So, I struck up a conversation. To my surprise, we had a lot in common.
Since then, I have been seeing things with new eyes. I noticed that the emotion I felt when I observed the happy couples was jealousy. And I believe that jealousy is merely a signal to something that we are truly desiring but don’t yet have for ourselves.
We often interpret jealousy as a negative emotion. I see it as a clue. So instead of letting it take me down into a dark and angry place, I chose to send some happiness towards the couple and silently thank them for showing me something that I want.
This little mind trick is a subtle way that I shifted my thinking away from “All the good guys are taken” to clarifying my desires. I look more closely at the couple that I’m envious of and I wonder why I feel envious. What do they have that I am longing for?
I’ll be honest, this was really hard to shift at first. It took time and practice, and a lot of messing up. But making this shift from the inside and then working out has made a huge difference. And that’s what I’m all about.
I’m not really interested in merely giving tips and hacks to life. I am about getting deep, looking at the roots and making shifts at that level so that the changes that are useful stick. That’s why I created my new course that I am really stoked about.
Wildly Attractive is not just dating tips and how to understand men advice. It’s about creating lasting change to help you master dating so you attract the right man into your life and you can spot him a mile away. This course not only helps women to understand men better so they have an advantage in the dating world, but they also will learn more about themselves so they are showing up as their best version. 

Here's some feedback I received recently: "You need to know that my conversation with you is what made this guy happen...I needed to voice what it was I was looking for, and what I needed for myself, and you gave me a platform to do that. Thanks for your questions and for what you're doing.”
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If you’re partnered but you have a friend that would love some dating guidance, send her my way! A friend of my friend is a friend of mine.
As always, I'm here to help you make shifts so you can light up from the inside and shine outward. We're in this together. Thanks for your support, and your encouraging words. 
Big hugs, 

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