Warning: Learning Curves Ahead

I am excited to share some news! I created a position with my mentor- Terri Cole. I've been a student of Terri's for almost two years and an active member of her community. I recently noticed that her business seems to be growing and her interaction with her community has changed. I proposed that I create a role for her company and work as a Community Manager. 

I'm really excited about this opportunity because I will get the chance to continue to build my business while learning from a much larger business. Terri has been a therapist and coach for 20 years, and there is much to learn while I am also providing a more steady income from myself. Plus I get to work from home, so that's pretty awesome. 

As excited as I am about this role, the transition is a little rough. I'm learning how to set boundaries around my work time, and I'm learning how to keep myself accountable and productive when working from home. I'm learning to prioritize when literally everything seems to be a priority. And I'm creating structure for a role that didn't previously exist. 

Somedays I feel in over my head. Somedays I even feel a bit worthless. I am my own harshest critic and will often tell myself that I didn't do enough and I'm not pulling my weight. 

Because it is so uncomfortable right now, I'm finding a lot of lessons for myself. I wanted to share these because changes can take all kinds of forms (starting a new job, starting a new relationship, having a baby, etc), and even when it's exciting it can also be uncomfortable. Here's how I'm dealing with the discomfort and letting it guide my growth. 

As I navigate my learning curve, I recognize I'm adjusting to a new normal. It's going to require a little extra attention and awareness as I consciously choose what is important and what is worthy of effort. And everything feels like effort, at least for a little bit. Once things have settled and get into a groove I can go a bit more on autopilot. But right now I am forming new habits and systems, and any time this happens it requires a bit more extra energy. 

I'm learning how to give myself more compassion. I'm building in more ways to give myself extra love and moments to rest and recover. For me, extra self care means I paint my nails and go to bed early. I'm also being very intentional about setting work hours and making sure I take breaks to take walks. 

I'm also saying no a little bit more. I'm having to turn down some opportunities and be more selective with how I spend my free time. To be honest, my brain is often on my new job as I think about new processes to make things better. And when I spend time with friends I want to be fully present. I am spending a little more time alone as I recharge my batteries so I can spend real quality time with people that I care about. 

What about you? Do you have something new in your life that you are adjusting to? How are you handling it? And if you are in a rhythm with your life, how can you find a moment to show yourself compassion -simply because you're worth it. How can you show yourself some kindness or bring full presence to the moment you're in. I want to hear from you. Comment below and share your story. 

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